Village of Mackinaw Board of Trustees
                           and Officials -                    

                  Freedom of Information Act Officers:

                  Lisa Spencer (309) 359-5821

                  Amanda Schmidgall  (309) 359-5821

                  Jessica Sidwell (309) 359-5821

                 Bob Davies

                 Jack Nieukirk 



Village Officials

Name Email address
and phone
Village President - Police Committee Chairperson 
Local Liquor Control Commissioner. Village Trustee from 2002-2005.  Village President since 2005.
Craig Friend
 Office - 309-359-5821
Village Trustee - Finance Committee Chairperson.  Village Trustee since 1999. Carolyn Elmore
Office - 309-359-5821
Village Trustee -  Public Works Committee Member.   Village Trustee since 2009. Jerry Peterson
Office - 309-359-5821
Village Trustee - Public Works Committee Member. Village Trustee since 2013 Mark Morman
Office - 309-359-5821
Village Trustee- Finance and Economic Development Committee Member. Village Trustee since 2013. Candy Haynes
Office - 309-359-5821
Police Chief- since 2017   Jack Nieukirk
ESDA Coordinator Bob Davies
Village Treasurer Andrea Johnson
Phone- 309-359-5821

Village Clerk/Collector - Village employee since 1996.  Appointed Collector 2004.  Appointed Clerk in 2010. Lisa Spencer
 Office - 309-359-5821       

Public Works Manager- Hired in 2000 as Maintenance Supervisor. Appointed Public Works Manager in 2009. Mike Schopp
Phone- 309-359-5821
Village Attorney - Village attorney since September 1983. McGrath Law Office PC
Office - 309-359-3461

Village Trustee- Mackinaw Township Recreation Liaison- Village Trustee since 2017

Joshua Schmidgall 

Phone- 309-359-5821

Village Trustee- Police committee member and Zoning committee member- Village Trustee since 2017 Kraig Kamp 

Phone- 309-359-5821

Zoning Board of Appeals  
Josh Mathis Zoning Officer
Ted Laidig Chairman
Chuck Lowery  
Steve Powell, Sr.  
Todd Smith  
Kraig Kamp
Craig Kilby
Tad Myers