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The Annual Drinking Water Report can be picked up at the Village Office
during regular office hours Monday- Friday
at 100 E. Fast Ave. Mackinaw

Building Permit Forms

A building permit is required for all construction and must be obtained seven (7) days before construction begins. There shall be no fee for a pavement permit.

A building permit is required for all construction and must be obtained seven days before construction begins. The application should be submitted at the Village office, once submitted the application will be reviewed by the Zoning Officer, if any questions need answered the Zoning Officer will contact you. Please see the link with the building permit forms, fee scheduled is also attached.

No building permit is required for replacement of siding, windows, or shingles.

No building permit is required for interior renovations.

New Construction Permit Packet

Building Permit

Pavement Permit

Building Permit Fees


Voters Registration Information

The Clerk and Deputy Clerk are Deputy Registrars for Tazewell County and can register voters in Tazewell County.  Please stop in the Village office to get registered today!

Persons may register to vote providing they are eighteen years of age and living in Tazewell County for more than thirty days prior to the election. All persons desiring to register to vote must provide two forms of identification – one of which must contain the correct address of the registrant and one photo id.

                    Registration Requirements

                    Locations Where You Can Register

Village of Mackinaw                                          Area Buyers Guide
Municipal Building                                          
 603 ˝ S Orchard St
100 E Fast Ave.                                                 Mackinaw, IL 
Mackinaw, IL


Illinois Department of Agriculture
Emerald Ash Borer Outreach


The Illinois Departments of Agriculture and Natural Resources encourage land owners and communities to join the Tree City USA program to assist in managing the EAB.  Please visit for treatment and management options for both communities and residents. 
It is quickly becoming not a matter of if your tree will get EAB... but when.


Landscape Waste Collection Program 

Mackinaw’s Curbside Yard Waste Collection Program

The Village offers a free landscape waste collection program.  All yard waste including tree trimmings, landscape waste and leaves may be collected in 30 gallon, double sided, paper landscape bags only.  This program runs March through November. 

The Village will operate a landscape waste collection program commonly known as a “bag program” because bags are used for the disposal of your landscape waste.  Residents of Mackinaw will purchase paper landscape waste bags.  Residents place their landscape waste in these bags and set them out for collection. You will receive no bill for the service.  It is free-of-charge for Village residents only, sorry this does not include Heritage Lake residents. 

The curbside landscape waste collection program runs from March  to November, each year.  Landscape waste includes any and all accumulations of grass, leaves, branches, shrubs, vines, trees and other similar items generated by the maintenance of lawns and gardens. 

Collection Days and Time

Your landscape waste must be placed out at the curb by 6 AM on the day it is to be collected.  Pick-up will occur on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. 

Holiday collection schedule – In the event that your normal collection day falls on a major holiday (Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day etc.), your collection will be delayed by one day, following that holiday.

Containers and Preparation

Landscape Waste Container & Preparation – Mackinaw landscape waste bags must be 30-gallon, double-sided, paper bags, specially designed to hold landscape waste.  The landscape waste bags are sold at the Municipal Building, Mackinaw I.G.A. and other retail stores.  All landscape waste placed out for collection must be inside a landscape waste bag.  NO boxes, plastic bags, nor loose material will be picked up.  There can be NO garbage present in landscape waste bags set out for collection.  If garbage is present in the landscape bags, the bags will not be collected. 



For other local notices watch the Area Buyers Guide