Mackinaw Police Department


Welcome to Mackinaw's Police and ESDA page. 


Non-Emergency - call Tazewell County Dispatch 1-800-322-0166

In the event of an Emergency, Please dial 911!

 Jack Nieukirk Police Chief
Robert Davies  ESDA Coordinator

Mackinaw Police Chief

Robert Davies ESDA Coordinator





E.S.D.A. is a entity of the Village of Mackinaw headed by a coordinator who is responsible to the Village Board.  Members all of whom are volunteer, give their time and talents, to serve the community of Mackinaw and Tazewell County, and to assist Law enforcement agencies in our area when needed.  E.S.D.A. is designed to work when either natural disasters or  man-made emergencies occur in Mackinaw or the surrounding area of Tazewell County.  E.S.D.A. has its origins in the Federal legislations which created F.E.M.A, the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  E.S.D.A. is the local arm of F.E.M.A., although they are not under federal or state control unless an officially declared emergency situation exists in a community or state. 


*Auxiliary E.S.D.A. police assist police for traffic control or crowd control and at crime scenes when called out by the police department.  *Search and Rescue
*Weather spotting for tornados and bad weather
*Disseminate public information
*Mutual aid to other E.S.D.A./ Police departments in Tazewell County as needed
*Assist at disaster scenes including vehicle accidents.
*Response and recovery for any disaster.
*Assist in all areas with Homeland Security


*Provide support to Village Departments
*Provide support for Community events with E.S.D.A. officers and auxiliary police
*Work with other E.S.D.A. units/Police Departments with support-assist
*Provide necessary training and facilities
*Provide homeland Security to the community by assisting in other departments

We should all insure that we have the basic necessities to be self-sufficient for a minimum of seventy-two hours.  In the event of a local disaster, be it flood, tornado, blizzard, or terrorist created.

Please take the time to make available all, but not limited to, the following; Flashlights, candles, dry matches, a battery powered radio, spare batteries for every device, portable water, foods not requiring refrigeration, medicines, first aid supplies, blankets, sleeping needs. and other personal items.