John C. Ackerman
May 27th, 2009
 *** News Update ***
Mackinaw Tree City USA Efforts

Today I had the pleasure of joining the students of Dee-Mack Primary School in a Community Project/Fundraiser for the Village of Mackinaw's Tree City USA efforts. The 3rd Grade Classes had been rooting Corkscrew Willow Trees in their classrooms for the past several weeks and today potted them up and sent them to Garden Gate Floral where they will be available for purchase all summer long. All proceeds from the sale of these trees will be donated to the Village of Mackinaw's Tree City USA efforts.

Mackinaw Tree City USA Efforts

For eight years running, the Village of Mackinaw and Mackinaw Township have worked hard to qualify for the status of Tree City USA. This year their efforts are focused on tree maintenance and addition at Brock Lake. Village Trustee Lynn Rudin along with Dave Haensel and Marsha Mountjoy of the Township Recreation Board has taken the lead in these efforts.

Tazewell County Board Member John C. Ackerman donated the Corkscrew Willow Trees and the 3rd grade classes have been rooting them for several weeks. Tazewell County Board Member Mel Stanford and John along with Mrs. Jacobs and the teachers and staff at the school supervised the potting while Miss Beth Wiegand of Garden Gate Floral will be handling the sale of the merchandise.

Photos of this event are available on the website. If you would like a copy of any of the photos, please just send me an email and I can send them to you.

As always, I consider it an honor and privilege to work for each and every one of you on the Tazewell County Board and if I can be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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